Articles, videos and podcasts

Everybody has a story to tell – what is yours?

No matter if it's through articles, videos or podcasts, Martin likes to focus his stories on people.

Not only what they have done or said, but also why.

It´s when given the full perspecive a story can become truly moving...

High quality journalism

Being fostered at Expressen Martin early on learned how to work at a high pace, but it's his capability of creating captivating personal potraits and the way of painting the greater picture that makes his work stand out no matter if it's about Tiger Woods or St Andrews.

Expert analysis & commentating

Through years of experience – visiting the world's best golf courses, the biggest tournaments and meeting the games greatest – Martin has gained the knowledge needed to provide the audience with interesting commentating and expert analysis.

Premium packaging

It's not only what you say. It´s about how you say it.

Companies, destinations and  golf courses all over the world has collaborated with Martin to strengthen their brand through captivating storytelling.

Why not do the same?

Innovative thinking

Media is changing by the day. This has made it important to communicate in different ways, using different tools and different platforms.

Therefore Martin always keeps an open mind, always trying to improve.

Let´s do it together!